Travel Trailer Rental in Tucson, Arizona

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1.     REQUIREMENTS FOR RENTAL: The primary renter must be at least 25 years of age, possess a valid US driver's license with a clean driving record, have a two forms of identification and must be employed or show proof of income (or provide former employer information if retired). The primary renter is defined as the owner and driver of the tow vehicle attached to the rented travel trailer or the person listed as the primary renter on the reservation form if not towing (trailer delivered by us) and must be present (driver or passenger) whenever the rented trailer is towed by the tow vehicle. The Primary Renter and all Additional Drivers must provide all information listed on the Reservation Request Form and must be present at the time of pick up to sign the Terms & Conditions. The Primary Renter must have AAA Plus RV roadside assistance coverage or equivalent RV Roadside Assistance in effect for the entire rental period if driving outside 75 miles of the local Tucson area (if you have roadside assistance through your insurance provider, some will provide roadside assistance to the trailer being towed) and must show proof of coverage before the pick up date. The Primary Renter (owner of the tow vehicle) must have auto liability insurance that extends to the travel trailer and must have their auto insurance provider complete our Extension of Liability Insurance Form prior to pick up of the travel trailer. The Primary Renter and all Additional Drivers must show a photo ID and at least one additional ID (credit card, military ID, etc.), in person, on the day of pick up. The Primary Renter and all Additional Drivers are responsible for the safe operation of the travel trailer and must comply with the Terms and Conditions as set forth herein. Towing of our travel trailers by any person or vehicle not specifically listed on the reservation request form is not allowed except for emergencies. If you do not meet all of these criteria or you do not provide all of the information on the reservation form, we cannot rent our travel trailer to you. Remember, you do not have a reservation until we receive and verify the completed Reservation Request Form and we receive payment of the reservation fee. Pickup times are between 9am and 4pm. Trailer must be returned to our location by noon on day of return to avoid additional rental fee.

2.     RESERVATIONS:    Reservations request form must be completed online and reservation and rental fees must be paid to hold reservations in calendar.  A minimum of three nights rental is required. The reservation fee is equal to one night’s rental at the regular rate. The reservation fee is not refundable. The reservation fee will be applied to your total rental cost. If you have to cancel your reservations and you reschedule with new reservations within one year of the original reservation date, your reservation fee will be applied to your new reservations.  Your reservation will not be effective until the invoice for your reservation fee is paid. Full payment for all rental fees must be made before pick up or delivery of the trailer.

3.  RENTAL RATES: The rates for each trailer are based on nightly, weekly, bi-weekly and monthly rental. Arizona Sales Tax, Marana City Tax and Arizona Vehicle License Tax applies to all nightly rental fees. Payment for all rental costs must be made before or when you pick up the trailer or before we deliver the trailer. (Country Thunder - Special Pricing - A reservation fee of 25% down is required to hold the trailer.  This reservation fee is non-refundable.  Remaining rental fees are due 30 days before you pick up the trailer and will be non-refundable at that time.  If reservations are canceled, the reservation fee will not be refunded.  If all rental fees are not paid 30 days before pickup date, reservation will be forfeited and your reservations will be canceled.  Paid rental fees are not refundable.)

​​4.  CLEANING AND SANITATION FEE:  A sanitation fee of $50 will be on your final invoice and invoice must be paid before the pick up date. The sanitation fee covers reasonable cleaning of the interior and exterior of the travel trailer, dumping and cleaning the gray and black holding tanks, and refilling the propane fuel tanks. This fee does not cover the actual cost of gasoline and propane fuel used. Propane tanks are released full and may be returned without refueling. We will refill the propane tanks and deduct the actual cost from the security deposit. Holding tanks do not need to be emptied before returning the travel trailer. The cleaning and sanitation fee does not cover excessive cleaning required by excessive amounts of dirt, upholstery stains, odors, excessive mud or dirt on the exterior or any other discrepancy requiring unusual cleaning effort. We will deduct the additional cost of excessive cleaning from the security deposit. Please help us keep your costs down by keeping the travel trailer reasonably clean.

5.     SECURITY DEPOSIT: The refundable $500 security deposit will be on your final invoice and must be paid before the pick up date. The security deposit will be refunded after we inspect the travel trailer and verify that no excessive cleaning is required and the travel trailer has not been damaged no items are missing.    Also, failure to return the trailer on time may result in additional rental fees, which will be deducted from the security deposit. Any discrepancies, missing items or damage to trailer will be deducted from the security deposit. Renter is responsible for any damages and repair costs acquired during rental. You may be charged for "loss of use" if trailer cleaning and/or repairs and/or delayed return cause the loss of the next rental.

6. TRAVEL DISTANCE: Travel is limited to 2,000 miles round trip.

7.   AWNING USE: Please remember to roll up awning whenever you are not going to be at the trailer or if you are in windy conditions. You will be responsible for any damage to the awning. The costs to repair the awning range from $100 to over $1,000.

​8.    NO PETS: Pets of any kind are NOT allowed in our travel trailers. If we discover pet hair, odors, stains and/or damage caused by pets inside the travel trailer you will be charged additional fees. The costs for extra cleaning and any repairs will be deducted from the security deposit. You will also be responsible for any costs due to damage repairs. You may be charged for "loss of use" if trailer cleaning and/or repairs cause any delays in making trailer available for the next rental.

9.     NO SMOKING: Smoking is NOT allowed in our travel trailers. If we discover evidence of smoking inside the travel trailer you will be charged additional fees for deodorizing and sanitizing and for any damage. These costs will be deducted from your security deposit. You will be responsible for any additional costs to repair damages. You may be charged for "loss of use" if trailer cleaning and/or repairs cause any delays in making trailer available for the next rental.

​10.     TOW VEHICLE REQUIREMENTS: The tow vehicle owner is responsible for making sure the tow vehicle is capable of safely towing our travel trailers. The tow vehicle must be in good repair with good brakes, safe tires and no indications of any safety problems. The tow vehicle must be equipped with a 2" hitch receiver mounted 26” or less from the ground (if hitch is above 26", please contact us to verify we will be able to accommodate your vehicle), a 7-way trailer wiring plug and a 12-volt power outlet in the cab of the tow vehicle. The 7-Way trailer-wiring plug must have the “12 volt trailer battery charge terminal” connected to the tow vehicles battery. Both the tow vehicle and towing hitch weight capacities must meet or exceed the loaded weight of the trailer rented. You must load your tow vehicle for your trip before you pick up of the trailer. You must be able to close the rear door, hatch or tailgate after tow vehicle is loaded. You cannot have quads, bikes or gear of any kind protruding beyond the rear opening of the tow vehicle. If your tow vehicle is lifted or customized or is older than 10 years, you must contact us before reserving so that we can inspect the vehicle and verify it is capable of towing. We provide the ball and ball mount, weight-distribution system, and electric brake controller.  If your tow vehicle does not meet all of these requirements at the time of pick up you will not be able to leave with the travel trailer.  You will not receive a refund of rental fees if your vehicle is not capable of towing the trailer you reserved.  Please see our website for additional information about towing requirements and trailer weights. You may make an appointment with us to inspect your tow vehicle prior to pick up to avoid any delays.

​11.  ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE: We do not provide roadside assistance of any kind. The primary renter must have RV RoadsideAssistance in effect during rental period (i.e. AAA Plus RV or equivalent that covers a "rented" RV).  The Primary Renter must be in the tow vehicle (driver or passenger) while it is towing the rented trailer. Should a breakdown or disablement occur, the primary renter must contact Roadside Assistance as soon as safely possible and make the necessary arrangements to get the appropriate roadside assistance for the vehicle and rented trailer.  If the trailer is disabled, the primary renter must take reasonable and safe action required to get the rented trailer repaired at roadside or transported by Roadside Assistance to the nearest repair facility. If the breakdown or disablement was not the fault of the tow vehicle driver or due to collision or vehicle accident, then we will cover the cost of necessary repairs. The Primary Renter must contact us at Roadrunner RV Rental as soon as safely possible after a breakdown or disablement occurs.  Renters are not allowed to make repairs of any kind to the rented travel trailer, including changing tires.  Our goal is to get the necessary repairs done as quickly and safely as possible and get you and your family on your way to continue your vacation.  However, if this is not possible, we are not responsible for incidental expenses related to breakdown or disablement.  We will not reimburse you for hotel stay, rental car, missed reservations or any other expense you incur as a result of rented trailer breakdown or disablement delay. We will refund your rental fees for lost nights once the rented trailer is returned to us.  If you experience a breakdown or disablement, turn on the tow vehicle’s flashing hazard lights and move the tow vehicle and trailer as far as safely possible on to the right shoulder of the roadway.  Weather and safety permitting, get out of the tow vehicle and move a safe location. If safety permits, place the orange safety triangle 100 feet up stream from the back of the trailer.  Call for help. Do not stand near the tow vehicle or trailer. If safety permits, you may disconnect the trailer from the tow vehicle and drive to a safe location.  Do not put yourself or your passengers at risk by attempting to make repairs or change a flat tire on the side of the road.

12.  REPAIRS & SERVICE:  Call us first for approval of any repairs or service not related to roadside breakdown or vehicle accident.

​13.  ACCIDENT:  If involved in an accident you must notify us as soon as possible.  A full written police accident report must be submitted to us upon your return. The Primary Renter is responsible for paying any applicable insurance deductible amount. If the tow vehicle is covered by an existing Collision and Comprehensive Insurance policy, the policy holder must submit the accident claim to their insurance company first to determine if the their policy covers the rented trailer. If not, the rented trailer is covered for collision and comprehensive by our insurance provider, MBA Insurance.  The deductible for collision and comprehensive coverage on our travel trailers is $1000.  The Primary Renter is responsible for paying the deductible amount.

14.  TRAVEL RESTRICTIONS:  Rented trailers are not be taken outside the continental United States for any reason. Distance driven is restricted to roundtrip mileage of 1,500 miles or less. Rented trailers must not be towed on unpaved roads. No off road operation of any kind is permitted. Rented trailers are not permitted in remote areas such as Death Valley, CA or any area where roadside assistance and/or emergency services are not available. The Primary Renter is responsible for all recovery costs associated with a rented trailer stranded in a remote area.

15.  WINTER WEATHER OPERATION:  Towing our travel trailers in winter driving conditions is prohibited. Rented trailers must not be towed in areas where tire chains or 4-wheel drive are required, or where winter driving restrictions are in effect. Delayed returns due to winter weather may cause additional rental fees so check the weather at your destination BEFORE you make reservations.

16.  DRY CAMPING:  Dry camping, or camping without power, water or sewer connections, is permitted in our travel trailers. Dry camping may be done at prepared campsites only: no camping in the open desert or wilderness (see travel restrictions above). We do not guarantee that the generator (We do not provide generators.) or any or all of the appliances in our travel trailers will work while you are dry camping so don’t plan on dry camping in areas where the temperatures exceed 100 degrees F or fall below 32 degrees F. Do not dry camp in remote areas (see travel restrictions). Damage due to frozen tanks or plumbing will be deducted from your security deposit.

17.  APPLIANCE OPERATION:  Appliances are provided for convenience only and are not guaranteed against failure.    Operating instructions for all appliances are provided and the Primary Renter is responsible for safe operation of all appliances associated with the rented trailer. AC power is required for air conditioner, microwave, TV and to recharge batteries on trailer.

18.  TRAVEL TRAILER SUITABILITY:  We do not guarantee the suitability of our travel trailers for any specific environment, use, purpose, location or campsite. The Primary Renter is responsible for making sure the route and destination environments do not exceed the capabilities of the rented travel trailer. Plan ahead for the expected conditions along your route and at your destination. Don’t ruin your vacation by getting stranded. Remember to verify campsite size will accommodate trailer size, etc.

​​19.    PICK UP/DROP OFF, DELIVERY/RETRIEVAL: Complete operating instructions will be given at time of pick up or delivery. Pick up times must be scheduled with us at least 24 hours in advance. Hook up and walk-through will take about one hour. The primary renter and all additional drivers must be present with appropriate ID for the pick up and walkthrough. The tow vehicle must be ready to safely tow the rented trailer. The rented trailer must be returned to our location in Tucson, AZ.    If we deliver the rented trailer, the primary renter or a responsible representative must be present at the time of delivery. Set up of the trailer takes about 30 minutes.  We will not deliver to any site that violates our travel restrictions or any of our terms and conditions.  It is your responsibility to ensure the delivery site is suitable for our travel trailers. Our delivery area is within 50 driving miles of our location in Tucson AZ. No one needs to be present for us to retrieve the trailer after delivery as long as the trailer is secure and we have unrestricted access to the trailers location. You are responsible for any theft or damage that occurs before we retrieve the trailer. If no one is present at the time of delivery or if we are unable to retrieve the trailer due to restricted access you will be charged additional delivery and setup fees and/or additional rental fees.

20.     ARIZONA CONVERSION STATEMENT: You will be in violation of A.R.S. §13-1806 if the Vehicle is not returned within 72 hours of the date and time the Vehicle is due back. If you fail to return the Vehicle within 72 hours of the date and time due in, you may be found guilty of a Class 1 misdemeanor resulting in a substantial fine and/or imprisonment.

21.     We reserve the right to refuse any applicant we believe to be unable or unwilling to comply with our terms and conditions as set forth herein or that we believe presents an unacceptable safety concern.  We believe in treating everyone with fairness and respect and will not refuse service to anyone based on gender, marital or civil partnership status, sexual orientation, color, race, ethnic origin, religion, disability, age or any other irrelevant condition.

​22.  Privacy Policy:  We do not sell or provide your personal information to other entities.  We do not take credit cards or other personal information over the phone.  The information you provide on our reservation form is used to invoice you, the customer.  You will be invoiced via the email address you provide on your reservation form.  Invoices are paid via secure online server.  

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