Rental Guide

This guide gives you information on towing, camping, setting up an RV at a campsite and what to consider when dry-camping.

*Renter/Driver must be 25 years or older.

*Renter must agree to Terms & Conditions.

*Tow vehicle and hitch receiver must be capable of towing trailer weight.

*Tow vehicle must have 12v trailer battery charge wire powered on 7-way plug.  (see below)

*Roadside Assistance on travel trailer is required if towing outside the local area.

*Tow vehicle liability insurance must extend to the trailer. (see below)

Camping Checklist   - this is a list of items you may want to pack to bring on your trip.

Verify Extension of Auto Liability Insurance

    Please verify that your auto liability insurance coverage extends to our travel trailer while you are towing it and send verification to us.    This applies to auto liability insurance only, not collision or comprehensive.     You do not need to purchase any additional insurance.     If you or your insurance provider have questions or need assistance, please contact us any time.  

Your auto insurance provider can send us verification via email to: 
or fax verification of extension of liability coverage to 520-333-2867.
(520) 261-2660
(520) 333-2867 fax
Send your auto insurance agent this link: 
and have them fill out the online form: Liability Form

Travel Trailer Rental in Tucson, Arizona

​phone/text    (520) 261-2660

12v Power Wire (Trailer Battery Charge Wire)

Required To Tow our trailers:  Please make sure your trailer battery charge wire is powered.  The Trailer Battery Charge Wire needs to be powered with constant 12 volts or while your ignition is on.  Please refer to the owner's manual for your tow vehicle to confirm what needs to be done to power this terminal.  It can be tested by us or by testing the voltage on the 7-way tow vehicle plug on the pin at the 2 o'clock position.  This pin should show 12 volts with the ignition on or constant.  The onboard brake controller (Prodigy Wireless Brake Controller) will not function without this powered and you will not be able to tow the trailer without it.  We are able to test and verify your plug before your pick up date. Please call and schedule a day and time for us to test your 7-way plug connector so there will not be any delays when you come to pick up the trailer. (Here's a video explaining how to test the tow vehicle's 7-way plug:

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