Travel Trailer Rental in Tucson, Arizona

​phone/text    (520) 261-2660

fax (520) 333-2867

Call or text (520) 261-2660 for availability.

Rockwood UltraLite -   Nightly rate is $120. 

 7-night rate is $110 nightly.  14-night rate is $100 nightly.

Nightly rate discounts are applied based on number of nights.

Trailer delivery fees are $50 plus $2 per mile each way from our location.​
- Pima County Fairgrounds delivery fee = $155
- Tucson Trap & Skeet delivery fee = $130
- Catalina State Park delivery fee = $110

This trailer is for local Tucson area delivery only.

Camping CheckList

Please feel free to use this list to help you pack for your trip.

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